We create a personalized content machine for you and use a custom-tailored marketing technology stack to distribute it on all possible channels, through the web and social channels or advanced paid media campaigns

Get Your Lead Generation Trifecta


How We Do It

Content is distributed through social media and our B2B network. Hot leads are then sent to your sales team to close.

More specific:
- Social Lead Generator 
- Social Content Distribution
- Newsletter Campaigns
- Marketing Automation 
- Paid Search Campaigns
- Social & Programmatic Ads
- Native & Pop Campaigns

-  Outreach & Influencers


Talk to your customers through their preferred platforms, whether it be by email, WhatsApp, Messenger, text, or phone call. 


Focus on Sales, 
Not on Fixing Technology 

Sales Buddy: Your All-In-One Solution

With over 7,000 marketing and advertising platforms to choose from, it's nearly impossible to find the perfect match for your business. Sales Buddy picks the right tools for you, pays the subscription feeds, assembles them into a MarTech stack, and operates it for you—all at a lower monthly cost than doing it by yourself.

We Personalize Your Stack from 1,000+ Marketing Technologies 

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Your own real-time reporting dashboard.

You get your own dashboard to receive reports and check the current status of every technology and campaign we use, in real time.


Connect with Your Leads, Wherever They May Be 

Why Do Businesses

Love Us?

Martech Stack Ready 

High Quality Leads


Cost Effective

Dedicated Support

Who We Are 

"As a business owner, I put big money into sales and marketing without ever really knowing what results I was going to get. Tired of this ambiguity, I decided to create a new kind of sales support company: one that provides a guarantee. In your heart of hearts, YOU BELIEVE YOUR BUSINESS COULD BE 10 OR 100 TIMES BIGGER. I can help you get there."


What Our Partners Say About Us:


Content, Technology and Leads In Your Inbox


After onboarding, you'll get access to your dashboard. All you need to know is in one single place, including powerful tasks and conversation features that allow you to talk to your account manager at any moment.


You'll be informed of every technology we use and every change we make to your campaigns. Our brand-safe features will help you monitor each and every campaign and will ask for updates in real time.


We don't make you wait for your reports. It's your data, fully ready for you in your dashboard in real time, so you can make better business decisions.



As a business owner, I put big money into marketing that lacked something buyers of all sorts typically get: a guarantee. At the end of the day, I wanted my marketing to produce sales, and I was willing to compensate my team appropriately for high-value marketing and related activities. So I created a new type of firm that enables qualified businesses to pay for marketing entirely from sales.

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When a prospect receives the correct scoring, they are added to the Hot Leads list and sent automatically to your Inbox or CRM with all the associated contact information (e.g. name, phone, company, etc.) You'll also receive additional fields that will help your Sales Team close better, such as articles read, time on site, chat discussion history, pages visited, devices used, email responses, and so much more.

Corey Singleton

What Do You Get?

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Karen Thrall,
Business Coach Human Catalyst 

"I’m no longer a skeptic but a SalesBuddy believer. SalesBuddy won me over and have my loyalty."

Nate Wright, 
Owner SmallBizTriage.com

"If you have slammed into the dreaded "business plateau", then talk to Corey. Like, right now"

As an online business, you simply can’t reach your customers and gain traction without using a minimum set of marketing technologies. But, why pay full price for a bunch of monthly subscriptions when you only need a fraction of the features? You’ll also need a constant flow of fresh, high-quality content for your business each month. Instead of paying for an in-house team of copywriters and designers, what if you could outsource the work instead?

Let's do the math:

How Much Do Other Businesses Pay for Technology and Services?

We design compelling content that matches your brand voice and creates interaction with your target market.

More specific:
- Articles
- Landing Pages
- Design & Copywriting
-Email Sequences
- Images & Covers
- Presentation Videos
- Banner and Video Ads
- Ebooks & Lead Magnets

1. Content & Copy

Your content goes into a custom technology layer that optimizes the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign.

More specific:
- Landing Page Builder
- Conversion Rate Optimization Tools
- Content & SEO Tools
- Marketing Automation Platform 
- Chat & Engagement Platform
- Live Reporting Dashboard
- Tracking & Analytics

-  Tags and Pixels Management

2. Marketing Technology

3. Distribution

How Can You Be Sure You've Made the Right Decision?

Even if you decide to pay monthly fees and the cost of setup, you need to be sure that you've just subscribed for the best possible tools for your business—at the best possible price. You should also ask yourself if any of the features of your new purchase overlap with those of your other existing tools. With almost 100 technologies released per quarter, you better be sure that someone is actively testing these new tools and ensuring that they fit with your current stack. Additional factors, such as the learning curve, recurring technical issues, and time spent on new technologies need to be considered, first.

$1959/ Month

Content & Copy

Article min 500 words  -- $150/m

Landing Structure-- $200 one time

✓ Design & Copywriting  -- $1000 one time
both Email & Landing

Email Sequence -- $200 --one time fee

Images & Covers -- $300/m

Banner Ads  -- $150/m

Video Ad -- $500/m

LeadMagnet/eBook  --$100/m

Presentation Video --$500 one time fee

Marketing Technology

✓ Chat & Engagement Tools-- $89/m

✓ Conversion Rate Optimization Tools -- $187/m

✓ Content & SEO Tools -- $119/m

✓ Tracking &Analytics -- FREE
(GA& GTM Setup and Access) 


✓ Social Lead Generator  -- $49/m

✓ Social Content Distribution -- $97/m 

 Newsletter Campaigns -- $89/m 

$1900/ One Time Cost


✓ Landing Page Builder -- $129/m

Industry Average Costs

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