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As a business owner, I put big money into marketing that lacked something buyers of all sorts typically get: a guarantee. At the end of the day, I wanted my marketing to produce sales, and I was willing to compensate my team appropriately for high-value marketing and related activities. So I created a new type of firm that enables qualified businesses to pay for marketing entirely from sales.

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What You Get

Content is distributed through social media and our B2B network. Hot leads are then sent to your sales team to close.

More specific:
- Social Lead Generator 
- Social Content Distribution
- Newsletter Campaigns
- Marketing Automation 
- Paid Search Campaigns
- Social & Programmatic Ads
- Native & Pop Campaigns

-  Outreach & Influencers


We design compelling content that matches your brand voice and creates interaction with your target market.

More specific:
- Articles
- Landing Pages
- Design & Copywriting
-Email Sequences
- Images & Covers
- Presentation Videos
- Banner and Video Ads
- Ebooks & Lead Magnets

1. Content & Copy

Your content goes into a custom technology layer that optimizes the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign.

More specific:
- Landing Page Builder
- Conversion Rate Optimization Tools
- Content & SEO Tools
- Marketing Automation Platform 
- Chat & Engagement Platform
- Live Reporting Dashboard
- Tracking & Analytics

-  Tags and Pixels Management

2. Marketing Technology

3. Distribution

Your own real-time reporting dashboard.

You get your own dashboard to receive reports and check the current status of every technology and campaign we use, in real time.


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Karen Thrall,
Business Coach Human Catalyst 

"I’m no longer a skeptic but a SalesBuddy believer. SalesBuddy won me over and have my loyalty."

Nate Wright, 

"If you have slammed into the dreaded "business plateau", then talk to Corey. Like, right now"