How Salesbuddy Works
really as simple as 1-2-3

1. Sign Up

When you're ready, click the "Registration" button and send us a few details about yourself and your business. Try to be as specific as possible, in order to help us prepare our meeting with the right questions.

2. Schedule Meeting

Immediately after receiving your details, we'll need to know when is the best time for you to have a conversation. There are No Costs for this Meeting whatsoever, we only need to know more about your business needs, current processess and how we can help. 

3. Start Onboarding

If we're both on the same page and you'd like to continue, we'll start the onboarding process. Your Account Manager will guide you through the dashboard and set up all the reporting boards for you. When everything's ready, you'll get an email notification for each and every action that you select.

OK, What Next ?

You Only Have to Start Closing the Leads Sent to Your CRM or Inbox 

When a prospect gets the right scoring, it's added on the Hot Leads list and it will be automatically sent to your Inbox or your CRM, with all the details associated with it: Mandatory(Name, Phone, Company, etc.) but also additional fields that will help your Sales Team Close better: Articles read, time on site, chat discussion history, pages visited, devices used, Email Responses, and so much more.

Meanwhile, WE :

Setup Technology

Once we know your needs, we start seting up the marketing technology layer so you don't have to worry about that: Add Tags, Configure Pixels, Integrate your CRM, Landing Pages, CRO Tools, Tracking and Reporting

Start Prospecting

We learn what makes your business unique and how to locate your ideal customers. We use the technology layer to better optimize the prospecting process and make it personalized.

Start Campaigns 

Once Propecting is ready, the Campaign Engine starts: Email, Content, Social Media, Ads and Retargeting. Interested prospects get into our Marketing Automation and Scoring Layer.

You'll be in a great company

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