Today, we live in the Misinformation Age, a time in which marketers make extraordinary claims, we buy their product or service, and we end up feeling even more disappointed and jaded than before. To cope with this hollowness, we search for something better, make the same mistake again, and continue the cycle. In fact, we’ve become so blinded by false promises that we’ve forgotten the most basic concept of business: you have to make more money than you spend. Due to the shiny, brand newness of e-Commerce, even the most experienced businesses are losing their wits and making embarrassingly poor decisions. So, how do we break the cycle? What can we do to avoid making these same mistakes, over and over again? Well, if you’re currently searching for a specialist or an agency to boost your digital marketing efforts, there are at least three lies you need to be aware of:

Three Lies That Digital Marketers Tell Their Clients

Lie #1: “I’ve got lots of great reviews from impressive clients

There are two unfortunate truths about building an effective digital marketing campaign. First, it takes lots of time and patience. Second, the digital marketing agent you hired will probably be long gone before you see the results of their work. This phenomenon is especially common in the realm of SEO.  While experts in any other field are expected to go through rigorous studies, pass licensing exams, and go through a traditional interviewing process, digital marketing isn’t quite as regulated. Digital marketers can sometimes make unsubstantiated claims or even post fake reviews that are impossible to verify. For this reason, it’s vital that you do your homework and thoroughly research them before you make a commitment.

Lie #2: “We’re going to send conversions/sales/clicks through the roof!”

If you’re like most Americans, you’ve probably dabbled with the stock market. A stockbroker may advise you to invest your money with them, but they will never be able to predict the future. Your portfolio may go up, down, or be lost completely. No matter how good that broker may be, the fate of your investment ultimately depends on chance and the chaotic nature of the stock market. A savings account, on the other hand, provides you with a locked-in interest rate and guarantees that, at the end of the year, you’ll receive ~1% of the principal. Sure, that’s not a lot, but it’s predictable and guaranteed.   Like stock brokers, digital marketers may promise a 50% increases in sales, conversions, or clicks, but they can’t truly ensure that it will happen. Instead, it’s better to settle for less impressive numbers and certainty than unrealistic, pie-in-the-sky projections. Also, don’t accept vaguely positive forecasts for an answer. Ask for specific numbers, figures, and concrete claims that you can use to make a wise decision. This article from Forbes will provide you with some additional tips on how to avoid getting scammed by digital marketers.

Lie #3: “I’m sorry, I don’t offer refunds.”

Last time I went to McDonald’s, I asked for no onions on my hamburger and—to no surprise—received nearly a double portion of them with my order. I kindly informed the young man at the register that I didn’t receive what I ordered. He promptly apologized and had a new burger without onions prepared for me and I proceeded to enjoy my lunch. If I can expect this kind of service for a $5 hamburger, why shouldn’t I expect that for a $5,000 marketing campaign? The problem is that online marketing agencies can make all kinds of claims and promises while avoiding the responsibility that any other business would take for their actions: making it right or giving a refund. Simply put, don’t buy anything unless it comes with a guarantee.

The Cold, Hard Truth About Digital Marketing

Don’t be fooled by the new song and dance of digital marketers. The basic concepts of business haven’t changed in hundreds of years and they won’t anytime soon. Don’t make a purchase or hire anyone until you’ve seen proven results, an estimated ROI, and a money back guarantee, in case all else fails.

Be smart and do the math before making investments of any kind—especially in Digital Marketing. If you’re fed up with false promises or vague commitments, it’s time to look for a lead generation service that provides proven results, ROI estimates, and a real guarantee that you’ll get what you paid for. SalesBuddy does all of that and serves you piping hot B2B leads on a silver platter. If you don’t get what you ordered, you can always send it back to the kitchen until you’re satisfied. Well, did we whet your appetite?  

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