Increase Your Email Open Rates, and Boost Client Conversions


124.5 billion. This is the global number of business emails going out per day. Email marketing for lead generation has become a go-to strategy over the past few years. Its importance is climbing, but the results only come to those with a great plan.

According to the direct marketing association, email marketing performs over 4x better than social media, direct mail, and paid research. Nearly 90% of marketers say that email marketing is their main lead generation source; however, there is a catch. If your readers aren’t going bananas over your content, email marketing can be a total waste of time.    

Three Hot Tips for Effective Email Campaigns

Include welcome emails. With selling on the brain, it’s easy to forget to introduce yourself. Consider automating a welcome message to your new subscribers.Would you pick up a date by honking the horn? Sending promotional emails, without first saying hello, is the same. You cannot expect a warm reception. Research shows a revenue gain of over 300% when welcome emails are the first touch point versus promotional emails.

Don’t forget to personalize. Have you ever run into someone and they greet you with a blanket, ‘Hey you!’? When this happens, it’s obvious they forgot your name. Greet your valued email subscribers by using their first name. This practice can increase your email open rates by more than 29%!

Segment your email lists. MailChimp’s research shows that segmented email campaigns receive 14.31% more opens and 100.95% more clicks. Therefore; when you collect information from your new email subscribers, try categorizing them into specific groups Some ways you can segment your email lists:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Industry
  • Content topics
  • Sales cycle stages

Email marketing, done right, will improve the quality of your leads and dramatically increase revenue.

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