Ensure you’re talking to the right customers, at the right time

Find your ideal customer and have them delivered to you, primed to buy. We’ve all wasted our time chasing ‘promising’ leads that amounted to nothing. Many sales organizations will skip the hard work and tell their sales team to, ‘hit the ground running,’ expecting that this dated adage and a good ole pat on the back will get them places.

This one-two punch combo may have worked 100 years ago but not anymore. Your once eager salespeople have burned themselves out, with minimal positive result. You are stunned as to why. I mean, they POUNDED THE PAVEMENT – why haven’t the customers come running?

How to gain the attention of your ideal customer

Utilize the 3 E’s. You want to cut through the noise and catch the attention of those with a genuine and enthusiastic interest in your product offering. According to expert marketers, you can do this by utilizing the 3 E’s in your online content: Entertain, Educate, and Equip.

  •     Entertain: When your approach is of an entertaining nature, you are positioned to gain a subscriber, a client, or a fan. Have you ever stopped to think why cat videos are the most contagious thing on the internet? It’s all entertainment value, baby! A lot is happening on the web these days, so you need to be original while, at the same time, remembering to provide value.
  •     Educate: Humans want to learn. Learning a new skill set is an opportunity that very few people will pass up on. We all want to be SMRT, right? Educate your customers by offering up sharable facts, giving away an ebook for download, or promoting a free 15-minute consultation where you can help them gain traction in their business.
  •     Equip: To equip someone is to arm them with the information or skills that they need to succeed. When you fit someone with a new skill, you have given them a gift they will forever be thankful for. Thankful people become paying customers, referral sources, and long-time fans.

Dominate vs. Compete. Take advantage of the spaces you know your competitors have not yet shown up in. Let’s take live streaming as an example. There are a thousand ways that you can show up on social media, and we can guarantee that most of your competitors have not yet mastered the art of live streaming. No need for expensive equipment or significant editing dollars.

Show up on your shiny new IG TV channel or perform Facebook Live’s on a consistent basis. If you have something of value to offer, with an easy-to-access and digestible delivery, your ideal audience will give you their attention.

Be human. People crave honesty from brands and influencers. When you are willing to share your business journey, you will capture the attention of those who will be loyal to your story, and your brand. By being your genuine self, you harness the ability to turn complete strangers into potential customers who feel like they already know you.

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