Now that we have your attention, let’s get the attention of your customers.


Yeah, we know it’s racy. You may not like it. But, let’s be friends anyway, K? We want to help you gain clicks and potential customer interest, which we do well (obviously).

With a gazillion eyeballs on the internet, you don’t want the attention of just anyone. You want the leads that will excite your sales team and make them want to call and close. Your ideal customer will never appear if you fail to follow these steps:

1. Build an ideal customer persona.You need to know your ideal customers’ business wins and woes inside and out. Find out what they read, where they hang out, and who they currently give their business to. Seriously dig, and then dig some more.Once you have a profile of the person who needs your product, give them a name. Make it a name that everyone in your entire company will know and remember.Let’s call your ideal client Sexy Rexy (purrrr). Every email, phone call, and piece of marketing that goes out needs to be written directly to Sexy Rexy. Oh yeah

2. Create a clearly defined core offering. How can your best salespeople attract the hottest clients when they cannot clearly explain, in 10 seconds flat, how your product blows minds?Before you begin to sell, you must have a clearly defined core offering. Think about what problem your customer is facing, and how having your product will solve that problem.

3. Identify the biggest objections. Before you begin to sell, you need to unpack the most prominent objections you’ll face, and have a killer solution to overcome them instantly. The primary roadblocks will

    • Short attention spans. People are inherently lazy, and they hate to read. Fact. If you are  sending out crazy-long emails with boring subject lines, your open rate will be zilch, and nobody will ever get back to you.
    • Noisy marketplace. Be honest with yourself – would you buy from your company, or does your competitor have better messaging? Optimize the 5-second attention span that your potential customers give you by hiring professional sales writers who are pros in the art of grabbing attention.
    • Money, honey. Your customer might be focusing too much on how much your product costs versus what their ROI will be. Lead with the numbers that are exciting to them rather than focusing on what they need to spend.
    • You aren’t human. In our digital age, it’s too easy to stay behind the computer screen, never making genuine human connections. When was the last time you picked up a phone? Those neato gadgets we have are for more than emails and text messages. Ring ring!

4. Develop trust. Failing to quickly build a trusting relationship with your target customer is one of the top reasons why business’ fail. Luckily we no longer need to wait months to create stable relationships. Thank you, internet!

Remember: Unexpected value + instant gratification = immediate trust. This value can come in the form of free resources, insider information, or an iron-clad guarantee.

Struggling to make all of this happen? Don’t worry – we’ve got you.